About five years ago, I began feeling a sense of restlessness, dissatisfaction and yes even frustrations at times in my work as a Clinical Psychologist and Therapist. I began researching what else a Therapist can do and as I researched, my thinking shifted from “what else a therapist could do” to “stepping away from Therapy” and clearly through Divine Intervention, the words Life Coaching began to pop up and I researched the heck out of it and realised that being a Life Coach was my truly my calling!

Being a Therapist was a wonderful and an amazing experience and a journey however, that restlessness and dissatisfaction was the result of a root cause which was dissatisfaction in empowering my clients. As a Therapist, my clients depended on me to give the answers and give “advice”, but as a Life Coach, I get to empower my clients. How powerful is that!

As a Life Purpose Coach and wanting to bring joy and a strong sense of purposeful living to my clients, I am now realising that Therapists need joy in their lives as well. Day in and day out, hour after hour, as Therapists, we hear our clients’ talk to us about what is “wrong” with their life, they come to us and “unload” for lack of a better word, and they are always stuck in the past and this can be very taxing on Therapists, both emotionally and mentally! And Therapists need someone to lift their spirits up. I know and I am able to understand that feeling because I was there for a very long time but now I am free of stress and I Coach Therapists to bring back joy, purpose and inspiration back into their work. I am your ELEVATOR! I elevate you to reach your highest potentials as a stress free, inspiring and empowered Therapist.

Having been in your Chair for over three decades and having experienced an emotional burn out two times, I have the experience, the skills, the tools, and I will be able to completely relate to how you are feeling and I would empower you, inspire you and I will hold you accountable to be good to yourself and meet your personal goals and higher potentials.

This is a win – win – win situation! Let me explain this to you through this holographic thinking.

In this diagram, I, as your Life Purpose Coach Therapist, partner with you and help you to unleash your great potentials, while equipping you with day to day management of your work-related stress, so you are more energized, more vibrant, more refreshed and some of the techniques that we will use in our Coaching session, can very easily be utilized by you with your client. These techniques will help you, to help your client in such an astounding way, that your client will be encouraged to actually become accountable for some of the choices that they make, it will also equip your client to become stronger from inside out, which is really what every good Therapist wants to see his/her client be able to do. And you as a Therapist, my friend, will be able to experience such a deep sense of fulfillment and be joyful working with your clients. This is a “Win – Win – Win” situation all around!

As your partner, I will be there every step of the way that is my promise to you. Schedule your complementary session today with me and see if this is a good fit for you!