Personal Coaching

The process of Coaching focuses on change and acceptance that change will always occur. Dr. Gillani will partner with you in a thought provoking and creative process that will ispire and empower -InsPower- you to maximize your potential.

Dr. Gillani will guide you by providing structured support, such as a weekly phone call, email, FaceTime or Skype session every Friday. Through lifestyle-management services, Dr. Gillani will help you achieve higher wellness, personal success, and more by helping you get through roadblocks in your life.

By keeping the momentum going through weekly check-ins, Dr. Gillani will be a positive reinforcement in your life.

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Professional Coaching

Coaching within the work environment is becoming more and more sought after as companies and corporations are recognizing the benefits of coaching within the work place.

When a Corporation or a Company partners with a Life Purpose Coach to advance the values, intentions and actions of the people within their company, they experience an alignment at its highest, and are able to make critical decisions which are made from within integrity at the work place.

A Life Purpose Coach is like a Compass. Travelers rarely get lost if they have a compass that is working all the time. A compass needle points to the north and acts as a continuous guide.This service is not limited to executives, but it is also found to be helpful to develop leaders, support an employee who is struggling, and to help employees determine if their employment is the right fit.

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Therapeutic Coaching

There may be times when there are deep rooted issues that are holding you back from reaching your potential. It is essential to discover and work through obstacles from your past to move forward into the bright future. In most cases, a Life Purpose Coach is not equipped to diagnose or treat a client that is actually in need of a Professional Therapist or Psychologist.

The beauty and the advantage of working with Dr. Gillani, a Life Purpose Coach Therapist is manifold. With over 30 years experience, “The Therapist” in her is able to work with you uncover the past, recover from the pain and discover your potential!

Dr. Gillani InsPowers you through Coaching and you benefit in more ways than one-

  • You experience her expertise in both fields within one session
  • You won’t incur additional charges to see a Therapist
  • Your confidentiality is covered by both the Therapist Code of Ethics as well as the Life Coach Code of Ethics – double the assurance
  • “The Therapist” within Dr. Gillani “The Life Coach” is in a much better position to take you to the next level of Core Energy Coaching to shift you almost immediately, making the coaching curve shorter.
  • It is a WIN – WIN situation for you

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The Discovery Package

Best suited for an individual wanting to discover more about themselves in an effort to come to a decision about a life event or change. Are you looking for empowerment to get out of a rut you are stuck in? Maybe you are looking for inspiration to discover your true calling or purpose. You could have a very short-term goal but need solid accountability. The Discovery Package is a good starter package for anyone.

Includes: 4 sessions with Dr. Zarin and unlimited email support for one month

The Inpiration Package

Best suited for an individual that is committed to taking their self-awareness to a deeper level in an effort to find new ways to expand their horizons. These sessions will inspire you to want more and to be more than you ever imagined.

Includes: 12 sessions with Dr. Zarin and unlimited email support for 3 months

The InsPower Package

Best suited for an individual that has a solid goal in mind or wants to decide on a certain path. Ready to put a plan in motion to make their rest of their life be the best of their life. If you are committed to working with Dr. Zarin for an extended amount of time from the beginning to the end of a goal, until a dream becomes reality or to have someone always keeping you on your toes and challenging you, the InsPower Package was created just for you.