Dr. Zarin Gillani is both a licensed Psychologist as well as a Certified Life Coach. As her client you will benefit from all of her experience as she brings the best of both worlds to your sessions.

Dr. Gillani offers Personal, Professional, and Therapeutic Coaching using Core Energy Coaching techniques. During your first FREE Session, the type of coaching that will benefit you the most- where you are in life right now, will be determined by asking a few simple questions.

What Type of Coaching is Best For You?

Prior to making a decision on the type of coaching to pursue, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to heal my emotional wounds from the past?
  • Am I looking for someone to help me because my life is not working due to past childhood, present family and relationship issues?
  • Do I have some unfinished emotional business from the past?
  • Do I react defensively to constructive criticism?
  • Do I believe that you I have anxiety issues and/or depression?

If you have answered “YES" to three or more of the above questions then Therapeutic Coaching is likely the best option to meet your needs.Therapeutic Coaching will take you from "Dysfunctional" to "Functional".

Now if answered "NO" to those questions, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need help to"unblock"myself?
  • Do I have a goal / vision and I need help to stay "focused"on that goal?
  • Do I need help with strategies and / or objectives to move from where I am to where I wish to be?
  • I am already succeeding at what I am doing, however, I want to be more successful and I need help to "unleash"my potentials.
  • Am I stuck and wish to know how to get "unstuck"?

If you answer “YES" to more than three questions, then you are ready for a Life Purpose Coach. Life Purpose Coaching will take you from "Functional" to "Optimal".

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Gillani uses techniques of a coaching process called Core Energy Coaching. Core Energy Coaching was developed by Bruce D. Schnieder, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC)

CEC enables a person to focus on what she/he really wants and recognise what is holding them from being able to create his or her own success. Core Energy Coaching enables you to live at the cause of your life…not at its effect.

When you emotionally connect your goals and strategies with your inner purpose and passion, miraculous transformation takes place in your life and you will enjoy extraordinary energy in every walk of your life. I will help you begin to understand who you really are and what you really want by asking thought provoking questions that will cause you to tap into your own inner being to reveal the answers. It's then that a paradigm shift begins to take place- an awakening your CORE.

Using the CEC techniques, I am able to partner with my clients assist them in reaching their ultimate goals. Core Energy Coaching is a powerful method that takes a person from a transitional stage to a transformation stage, where everything is infinitely possible even though the world around them is constantly changing. Learning how to react to an ever-changing world and staying focused on the task at hand will lead to the success you so desire because in all reality, you are the expert over your own life.

We will reach YOUR core using these techniques. You will be inspired and empowered, or as Dr. Gillani says, “InsPowered”. You will come to your own answers as to how you will reach your highest potential. As a Life Purpose Coach Therapist, I will challenge you, I will brainstorm with you, I will champion you, applaud you, commend you. I truly believe that the answers are within you, help me to help you, be your best!

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